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Gut Health Hacks - 6 Ways to Improve Gut Health

We would be lying if we said we woke up each day with a perfectly orchestrated morning routine. The real reason we get out of bed is to run straight to our coffee. Our most cherished morning ritual involves minimal human interaction, some light social media browsing, and a cup of hot, oat milk-frothed coffee (we’re getting excited just thinking about it). 

We’d also be lying if we said this was the best morning routine for gut health. 

We’re not perfect, but we are always looking for more ways to improve our day, our mental state, and, most importantly, our health. So, we started by taking a cold, hard look at our daily habits to see where we can make small changes for some enormous benefits. 

So, here’s a new morning routine that we’re focusing on to help us build better habits and improve our gut health while we’re at it. 

Gut Health Hack #1: Drink a Glass of Water 

We know it’s the hardest-easy thing we can do, and we still put it off. Hydrating your body after hours of sleep does go a long way. Starting your day with water can help your mood and cognitive function, support your vital organs, and promote better regularity. 

Gut Health Hack #2: Eat Breakfast (you actually enjoy). 

We had to add the parentheses because this point is not only about having breakfast. It’s about not pressuring yourself to follow a breakfast plan that you won’t actually stick to. There’s lots of advice out there on what the perfect breakfast looks like - but if we can keep it real, no matter what you’re eating for breakfast (unless you’re having foods that you don’t agree with), your body will be happy to be nourished. 

Gut Health Hack #3: Don’t Forget Your Fiber. 

Fiber does wonders for gut health. So, whether you’re eating high-fiber foods or taking your favorite fiber supplement (hey 😎), you’ll be feeling the benefits. Fiber helps stabilize your blood sugar for better energy levels but also assists your body in absorbing essential vitamins and minerals. Lastly - having better, more frequent poops will help you not feel so sluggish and bloated before leaving the house. 

Shameless Plug: Our Fiber + Prebiotics supplement includes the right types of fiber your body needs: Soluble fiber, Insoluble fiber, and Prebiotic fiber. 

Gut Health Hack #4: Add Some Chill to Your Morning Shower. 

Turning on the cold water for a moment at the end of your shower can have a positive impact on your gut health. We have a highly specialized pathway that connects our gut and brain (the vagus nerve), and when activated, it can come with a calming effect for your body and benefits for your gut. 

Gut Health Hack #5: Don’t Hold in Your Poop.

Believe it or not, there are times that we don’t even realize we’re putting off the bathroom; we’re too busy, we’re focused on what to wear, or we’re running late to our first meeting. The truth is, not pooping when we get the urge can negatively affect our gut health, and we’re talking about things like constipation, hemorrhoids, and bloating.

Gut Health Hack #6: Stretch & Connect with Your Body. 

Now, this one is not just for gut health; we’ve seen such a massive improvement in our energy that we had to throw this in. A quick 10-second hold in each position is a great way to start. You can focus on stretching your hips, legs, neck, and back to improve blood flow, warm up your joints, and relax tension. The best part about stretching is that a little goes a long way, so you don’t need to be a yoga pro to see results. Simply do what feels good for your body. 

There are so many other ways to create a morning routine that supports your gut health, but the key here is to do things you genuinely enjoy. 

Listen to your body, push yourself when necessary, and whatever it is… do it consistently. 

Signing off with love, 
The Clear Team

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